Social Media

By Lindzi Mayann

A problem I find, a pretty face gets praise.
This book has been stuck with what its cover portrays.
I went through a faze, on my mind it plays.
Don’t seek attention these days, earn respect it stays.
Be wise. Social media is lies.
Fake portraits. A simple disguise.
For the ego hungry, offers endless supplies.
Funny how easy minds are tricked by their eyes.
Real talent missed, how can we beat it?
The system’s broke, I vote that we cheat it.
Got to stop eating it and stand with the elite.
Sticking together, the only way to defeat it.

“Writing is my absolute passion … and I often feel like my words come from instinct.” – the writer

The Twitter World


By Sarah Alam

I am so lost in the bird-obsessed character-limiting world. My world is of words, of telling and explaining, of reading long sentences that are framed in beauty and thought.

I am lost in this quick-read, quick-write, quick-publish world. My world is of savoring time, of listening to another, of considering my answer, of keeping kindness in mind as I say my mind.

I am Hashtag-lost in this world, but I admire this new world too. It has a beat, a spontaneity, a wholesomeness that speaks of unmasked life. Beauty and kindness can only follow truth.

Author bio: “Writing has been my solace and strength. Working as a columnist, then a first grade teacher, and now a content writer for a software company, stringing words together has kept my sanity and spirit.”