A Joke for Jesus


By Roy Gomez

We stood in the first pew, before the altar. As an usher approached, offering a brotherly hand — which signifies Christian Fellowship, you know — my friends and I didn’t dare to even glance at each other. I stretched my arm. Slipped him this mannequin’s hand I’d found and let it go. We tittered. We could’ve cracked up. Only the usher scowled: Did I believe Jesus thought this was funny? Yes. Why not? After all those years, nailed to that cross, I’d imagined He would. Turning, raising my eyes, feeling a smidgen of His sorrow again, I still believed it. Laugh, Jesus!

R. Gomez has been kicking words around for a while. He lives with his wife and pets on a hillside overlooking Medina Lake directly in the center of the Milky Way.


Their Whiteness


By Kelvin M. Knight

He pirouetted through oceanic whiteness, leaving ripples of himself. Drifting through these, she gasped at the softness of his touch. A touch bursting with promise: that dance he’d promised her but she’d always been too busy to accept. Back then. Back there. Where cares were weighty. Where duty outweighed sin. Where their love went unrecognized. Because of him. Because of her. Shuddering, she delighted as his essence entwined with hers. Him. Always him. Her true love. Her guiding light. He was dancing with her. Finally. Undeniably. Swishing skyward, they stirred this whiteness into a home that had always been theirs.

All Those Little Things


By All Natural Spirit

It’s all those little things you know,
that you tend to let fester so,
and now they seem to just grow and grow.

Beware, because you’ll find yourself in a raging fit,
where everything around seems a deep dark pit.

Choose what you let touch your soul,
and soon you’ll see that you’ve a new goal,
this is to accept, move forward
and to let all those little things go.