The Drabble Quarterly

Click the link below to check out the first issue of our new quarterly e-zine, The Drabble Quarterly:

DQ V1 I1 cover

Summer 2016

16 thoughts on “The Drabble Quarterly

  1. I enjoyed your first Issue of The Drabble and look forward to many more. I have one small issue with your article “What’s a Drabble.” There’s no evidence that Hemingway ever wrote the six-word story mentioned in your article. You implied it was a legend when the subject was introduced but went on to discuss it as if Hemingway was the author. Snopes has an interesting discussion about the matter. Still, the six-word missive you quote is a great example for a drabble.

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  2. I am really enjoying the posts and admire those writers who can write succinctly in so few words. I will watch and learn!
    I have submitted a poem which I hope people will read and pause to remember the sacrifice of our troops, both in the present and the past.
    May I also ask members to have a peek on my new venture blog ‘Norma’s Natterings. Many thanks

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  3. Wow! I’m truly impressed by the stories. Admittedly, I’m an over-writer, so I find it hard to write a story without it becoming too long. I might give this drabble a chance so that I can practice being concise!! Thanks for the zine! 🙂

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  4. Enjoyed the quarterly. I was recently published in a Baltimore quarterly review but under the opposite conditions. Quite by accident, a friend of mine submitted a chapter of a book I was working on as well as one of her poems. By the time they read it and wanted to publish the chapter, I had run out of gas on the book so I told them, “okay”.

    I think it was seven thousand words. So, it was “poem, poem, poem, large mass of convoluted rambling from a dangerously insane person, poem, poem…”

    So, this may not be for me, but I’m impressed with the entries. Nice tight work and VERY readable…


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