Agnostic Storm


John stopped going to church after his mother died. He’d only gone to please her anyway. He remembers sitting on her lap as a child, and saying

“Just in case, when I die

look everywhere for me. If you die

look everywhere for me while I look

forever everywhere for you.”

Now he sees a storm on every horizon. Inside, he’s a rumbling kettledrum, a choir of wind chimes. He no longer seeks — but rather craves that certainty the faithful have that there is something that lives beyond this body, like amputees scratching at limbs that are not there.


8 thoughts on “Agnostic Storm

  1. Beautifully sad – I can just imagine a child speaking those words- ‘look everywhere for me’, a fear of being alone, even though it is heaven. And the adult John too, seeking faith ‘like amputees scratching at limbs that aren’t there’- a great line and a super analogy. A really good read


  2. Many people fear being forgotten, just a name scratched on the back of an old photograph. Today we don’t even have that because our pictures are just files on a hard drive.


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