11268-illustration-of-a-pig-pvBy Amandeep Jutla

The Consortium of Invisible Animal Breeders sent a representative to
our house every day. Three weeks of his early-morning knock, his
chirpy and interminable sales pitch. We gave in and bought an
invisipig, just so he’d leave us alone. He did. Now we’re trying to
get back in touch.

We can’t remember if he told us that the invisipig feeds on memory.
We’re not sure if he mentioned that what it doesn’t eat, it distorts.
Did he really come to our house every day for three weeks? Did he
really sell us an invisipig?

8 thoughts on “Invisipig

  1. Oh, man. This is just… the best thing I’ve heard today. Invisipigs deserve a book or at least a cartoon, a series or at least a film, a product line, slippers! Invisipigs make the world go round!


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