The Unwanted Visitor


By Natasha Cabot

The raccoon is watching, as I sit down to eat. Dark eyes sweep over me — sizing me up, as if it knows it could steal my meal. Now its paw is on the window and its nose presses against the glass — translucent puffs of air leaving temporary clouds.

It wants my food. The wheels inside its brain spin with fury, wondering if it could take me in a fight. It probably could. Its pink tongue leaves its black mouth, licking its lips. Then it disappears.

But I’m not safe. I hear scratching at my door, and the knob turns slowly.

Natasha Cabot writes because she “has millions of tiny worlds inside of her that will drive her into Jack Torrance-like realms if she doesn’t get it out of her.”

9 thoughts on “The Unwanted Visitor

  1. She has millions of tiny worlds inside of her. Wow! That’s an awesome description.💙
    The racoon melted my heart but the end was 😵😵


  2. When the door knob turns, why do I feel that ‘it’ was not just racoon and ‘it’ wanted more than just food? Or am I reading too much between lines?


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