My New Laptop


By K.D. McDougall

So shiny and clean. I open it for the first time. It starts a setup routine and assures me that it will guide me through the process. We battle over how much of my information I will share. Electrons going this way and that. When I win, the laptop tells me how unfortunate it is that I won’t be able to do the things it thinks I should do. When the laptop wins, I feel that a piece of me is gone. Not literally, of course. Wait. How many fingers did I have when I started?

“I love what I do and one of those things is writing.” – the writer

14 thoughts on “My New Laptop

  1. Simple and very interesting post, somehow it sparks my memory of Isaac Asimov’s multivac the supercomputer, especially when you said: the laptop wins. I suddenly hold my heated shiny super laptop, OMG…. I abuse it and it abuses my time.
    Great post, thanks for sharing.

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