If Boredom Sets its Feet Inside the Door

By David L Williams

When once the trees have lost all their appeal,
The clouds are beyond passing interests,
The stars are barely even visible
And wind is not up to passing events;

When after all the fall is emptiness,
The evening leads to nothing but the sky,
The bonfire fades with sullen heaviness
And heavens open up as though to sigh;

When added onto lists of discontent,
The possibilities amount to none,
Once endless hope runs into a dread end
And driven rain blows into everyone,

Then time has come to let all aspects pass,
Except the few which don’t try to impress.

“I find nothing to be boring.” – the writer

One thought on “If Boredom Sets its Feet Inside the Door

  1. An uncomfortable situation; here’s hoping that trees and clouds will continue to keep their appeal. Also, it was a odd feeling to see David Williams as the author, as that’s also my name. I did a double-take and realized he has a different middle initial. But then, there’s surely a lot of us David Williamses out there 🙂

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