Give a Man a Chicken

By Lisa H. Owens

There’s a saying that goes something like this: Give a man an egg, and he’ll eat breakfast. Give a man a hen, and he’ll build a chicken-coop, nurture his hen’s hatchlings—fending off predators with his new shotgun. Incubate the baby chicks with heat lamps, ensuring they have high-end feed and spring-water. Repair the coop, keep the run spotless—naming the hens as they mature—the roosters becoming roasted Sunday Suppers. He’ll jump for joy once the hens start laying—rising early to gingerly collect the eggs. By then, he’ll be broke, exhausted—sick of eggs—choosing cereal for breakfast.

“I write to fill in the gaps.” – the writer

6 thoughts on “Give a Man a Chicken

    1. I have a neighbor who recently did this. Built a gigantic coop and bought tons of baby chicks, hoping they were all hens. Only one rooster in the bunch and we recently received a dozen eggs! I think my neighbor’s math paid off and we benefited. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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