The Field


editors pick

By Ali Grimshaw

A crack,

followed by a breaking open.

As the walls fall,

you will no longer be contained,

held separate.

Grieve and they shall crumble,

until the last stone is still

Leaving you in a field of golden openness.

Wide and light,

No need for protection


In the warm air.

Bio: Ali Grimshaw is a poet and blogger. Her blog called flashlight batteries,, offers hope for those struggling in the darkness and a mirror for tough times in life.

5 thoughts on “The Field

  1. Reblogged this on flashlight batteries and commented:
    Grief is unlayering
    revisit your core
    you are the seeds of hope.

    Resharing this poem as a inspiration to let go for those who are in pain today. Thank you to The Drabble for choosing this poem as one of the Ten Favorite Drabbles of 2016.


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