To Clara: Regarding Your Critique


By Keith T. Hoerner

You shared your writing with me. An extension of friendship, like a handshake. More like the reaching out of hands with the chance to be held – or swatted – open palmed. Sharing … emptying pockets to reveal hidden things among the embarrassment of collected lint, is a dangerous proposition. Your shadows merged with mine, achieving the density of darkness that brings on the dawn. How can I thank you? For selflessly taking my hands and guiding me to an unknown resting place within the pages of you. I spoke in an attempt to reciprocate. My words: sandpaper to your beach of memory.

4 thoughts on “To Clara: Regarding Your Critique

  1. Reblogged this on COW PASTURE CHRONICLES and commented:
    I don’t often reblog, not because there isn’t a mountain of beautiful posts out there worth sharing. I tried to offer my readers my thoughts and stories (for whatever that’s worth), but once in a while I come across a post, article, or story that is so profound, so moving, or simply amazing that I must share – not doing so, would be remiss of me.

    There are a couple of blogs I will be sharing this week with you and first up is from The Drabble: To Clara: Regarding Your Critique by Keith T. Hoerner. This is one of the most moving and poignant pieces I have ever read, and it’s is something all writers can relate.

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