By Matt Kendrick

Your ear is an entranceway. A gnarly passage hewn in cartilage; earwax stalagmites rising from the floor. The inner cavern is a spiral galaxy of planets and stars. It pulses like a bullfrog’s throat – alive but dying. Viewed from the spyhole of your iris, its lights are extinguished one by one. Supernovas of sadness. Memories corrupted and collapsed into black hole vacuums. A solar flare erupts then sputters out as you fail to recognize my wizened face. A comet meanders past; chasing its own tail. Your ear is an entranceway through which I whisper to keep you from forgetting me.

Matt Kendrick is a writer from the East Midlands, UK. His work has previously appeared in Fictive Dream, Lucent Dreaming, Spelk and Storgy.

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