By Emma K. Leadley

I’m never going to find love, the drunk girl in the floral dress declared, all matter of fact, clambering up onto a table to dance. The music boomed and she swayed, eyes closed, lost to the beat.

For the rest of the evening she danced and laughed, swigging beer from a bottle, swearing like a sailor, her raucous tone audible across the room.

My mother always warned me about girls like her, but I didn’t care. That night, I became as fearless as the drunk girl in the floral dress and, smitten, asked her for the last dance.

Emma K. Leadley is a UK-based writer, creative geek, and devourer of words, images and ideas. She began writing both fiction and creative non-fiction as an outlet for her busy brain, and quickly realised scrawling words on a page is wired into her DNA.

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