Mycelium Overrule


By Alexander Pyles

Growth. This is all we know. Our singular purpose.

Our fellows were swiftly cut down. Parts of us hauled away to unknown destinations. Vaguely, we felt them prodded, dissected under cold suns.

Our polyps shorn. Our silent screams reverberating down our trembling anchors in the dirt. The invaders did not understand us. We were simply resources. Our cries hopeless.

We released our legacy. Our desperate faith taken flight on strong winds. These spores will poison those who dared carve our flesh. Our children will cultivate the invader’s bodies, thrive. They will prepare them for our second coming.

A new fruition.

Alexander Pyles holds an MA in Philosophy and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. His short-story chapbook , Milo (01001101 01101001 01101100 01101111), is due out fall 2019.

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