Maybe Tomorrow


By M. Allman

My thoughts hold me hostage. So, from my apartment window I watch a world foreign to me, but one I long to take part in.

How do you do it? Live freely without a care? Driving, shopping, and going about your business as if fear doesn’t exist.

What’s the secret?

I try to coexist. I open the door, sleek down the stairwell and stop at the portal to your world. My hand shakes as I reach for the doorknob. Sweating, heart racing and trembling, I race back to safety and continue to watch the world from my window.

Maybe tomorrow.

M. Allman enjoys writing short fiction. She is the author of the Flashes of Fiction anthologies of short, speculative fiction.

4 thoughts on “Maybe Tomorrow

  1. This was a very good piece! I’m the opposite
    I run through the door 🚪 without looking ahead. Always eager to learn and see something never seen before or experience something I’ve never been able to before


  2. I feel the pain and the longing. This is crushingly beautiful. Well done. Very good writing!


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