You Hear a Noise


By John L. Malone

You hear a noise. It’s past midnight.
So what do you do?
You hop up, turn on a few lights, tramp down the passageway. open and close cupboards, bang doors, make a lot of noise.
Then you stop and listen.
There it is again.
Those bloody mice, you say, though you’ve seen no evidence of any.
It’s nothing, you decide, nothing. House noises.
You head back to the bedroom, turn off the lights.
Someone taps you on the shoulder.

John is a South Australian writer of poetry, flash fiction and the occasional short story.

10 thoughts on “You Hear a Noise

  1. This was an absolute ripper of a chilling tale, with a last sentence that totally nails it! Magnificent work, yet again John. I wish I could write short fiction as well as you do! Instead I’m tending more to non fiction, as today, on my writers blog, where I wrote about death, in a very up close and personal way … Please take a look, I’d love to know any thoughts about what I wrote, My Cosy Murder Mystery work-not-in-progress gets a mention, as well as other things, related to death …

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