Anger is a Starving Beast


By Ashley Andrews

Anger is a starving beast
Her place will forever be above you
She consumes weakness
She feeds from defeat
She thrives when you submit
She dines on fear
Bitterness is a gluttonous fiend
Her appetite is insatiable
She finds little nourishment in affection
She ravishes discontent
She feasts on the broken spirit
She pushes you to the abyss just to watch you fall
The sadist is a beautiful deceiver
She insults you
She breaks you down
She discards you
She opens her arms wide
And you find comfort in her warm embrace
If only for a moment

“My keyboard types odes to pouring rain, terrible coffee, sleepless nights, Ramen, flaccid cacti, and many more muses, because they all deserve flowery words.” – the writer

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