The Suggestion Box

By R. Wayne Gray

“You sure you want me to do this?” Lonnie shook the box.
Phil nodded. “I hate paperwork. Read away.”
“’Free doughnuts.’ ‘Monday massages.’”
“No and no. Any more?”
Lonnie drew out a final slip a paper. “’Dig in the basement. Southwest corner.’ That’s weird.”
“Very,” Phil said. “Grab the shovel.”


Lonnie dug, Phil supervised.
“Still nothing?” Phil asked.
Lonnie wiped his face. “Nada. Probably someone’s idea … uh, boss?”
Phil cocked the gun pointed at Lonnie’s head.
“Last week someone suggested: get rid of Lonnie.”
“Maybe just fire me?”
“You know I hate paperwork,” Phil said, and pulled the trigger.

“I’ve recently fallen in love with the drabble form, particularly those with dark themes.” – the writer

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