It Isn’t Normal

By Bruce Levine The new normalwhich isn’t normalThe perpetrators of the mythwho propagate the ideaTrue believers of the hyperbolelulled into apathyAnd the apathetic don’t careas long as they can follow the herdBelieving that there isa new normalRefraining from thinkingas they sink into depressionAnd the new normal is theisolation of fearManifesting the new realityof loneliness and … Continue reading It Isn’t Normal


By Bruce Levine She floated on air As if suspended By hot-air balloons A spectacular ride Her spirit as free As seagulls ascending Or eagles go soaring Through mountain top clouds Her laughter as joyous As chocolate fudge sundaes And time everlasting In perpetual spring The days rushing forward And weeks disappearing Time standing still … Continue reading She

Forging A Path

By Bruce Levine Forging a path through the wilderness of the technological age Stratum unknown and unresolved by the uninitiated Thrust in out of necessity into dark corners previously disdained                “I write because ideas form and I feel compelled to share them.” – the writer


By Bruce Levine Fireflies Lighting the night Remembrance In golden orbs Filtering The past Present Future Resounding With a crescendo Flourishes On a guitar Vibrations A marathon of movement Reaching out Holding hands Speaking without words Regaining strength Like a river Wending through a valley Mountains rejoicing The pinnacle A lightning bolt Illuminating a town … Continue reading Continuum