The Drifting of Time

By Bruce Levine The day drifted byOr flew byHard to decipherWork obliterates thoughtIn a stream of consciousnessUnconsciousnessPursuing goalsAs an end unto itselfShapelessRacing from one entity to anotherWithout connections other than themselvesEach one tied to the central themeYet independentAnd driftingTheir own haphazard ideasPlayed against the venues afforded each oneAnd seeking the end of their journeyIn a … Continue reading The Drifting of Time

Treading Water

By Bruce Levine Treading waterIn a time of pandemicHolding hopes and dreamsIn a bottle of formaldehydeWaiting in lineIn a duality of actionFocusing on a futureOf the unknownAnd uncertainWhile paving sidewalksWith quicksandThe new turf of the new normalEmbedded with the hyperboleOf the ideologuesAnd the believersAs the landscape of tomorrowReveals a golden pastTreading water ––––––––––“I wrote this … Continue reading Treading Water


By Bruce Levine Systematic engineering of chromosomesResultant DNA undefinableIn the new world orderOf the Brave New WorldGlobalization and pandemicsCreated then losing controlForced reality of the super-indoctrinatedProclaiming the new normal as normalMan-made permutationsOf inflicted isolationSelf-imposed manifestations of fearAnd hyper-technologyA gathering storm of futurismBeheld in the eyes of the enlightened ––––––––––––Bruce Levine writes because he “must.”

The Journey of Waiting

By Bruce Levine The day slowly ebbing awayAnother checked offOn the journey of waiting A week gone bySleeping away hoursDaylight waning‘Til another nightAnd another dawn Empty momentsFilled with empty momentsUnresolved Fanciful meanderingsDaydreams of happinessSewn together with gossamer threadOn a tapestry yet created Counting the chimesAs the clock strikesThe house in the darkAn elusive refrainAgainst a … Continue reading The Journey of Waiting

Solitary Confinement

By Bruce Levine A black hole lies in waitA future created in limboOutside forces pull strings like a marionetteA veil of darkness hovers on the horizonTears of joy eradicated and replaced by tears of sadnessPerpetrated unknowingly in fields of sorrowA power of destruction moving onwardTentacles spreading like Moriarty’s empireConnecting dots and pulling tighterWaiting in shadows … Continue reading Solitary Confinement


By Bruce Levine She floated on air As if suspended By hot-air balloons A spectacular ride Her spirit as free As seagulls ascending Or eagles go soaring Through mountain top clouds Her laughter as joyous As chocolate fudge sundaes And time everlasting In perpetual spring The days rushing forward And weeks disappearing Time standing still … Continue reading She

It Isn’t Normal

By Bruce Levine The new normalwhich isn’t normalThe perpetrators of the mythwho propagate the ideaTrue believers of the hyperbolelulled into apathyAnd the apathetic don’t careas long as they can follow the herdBelieving that there isa new normalRefraining from thinkingas they sink into depressionAnd the new normal is theisolation of fearManifesting the new realityof loneliness and … Continue reading It Isn’t Normal