Best of The Drabble – 2020

To celebrate the end of this god-awful year, we present some our favorite posts of 2020. While we are grateful to all Drabble readers and writers for helping to make this site a success, we want to recognize (in no particular order) a few drabbles we truly loved in 2020. We hope you do, too:

Dog Poem
by Juanita Rey

Her Friends Have Begun to Worry
by Anonymous

Learning to Write Poetry Late in Life
by stevieslaw

In Her Dreams
by Jim Bates

The Weary Healer
by Mark Tulin

All The Concerts Are Canceled
by Sarah Grady

Wild Flowers
by Melissa Gill

by Judy Darley

The Void
by John Malone

by Bruce Levine

The Waterfall
by Bibiana Krall

The Road Back
by Raymond Sloan

Secret Thoughts of a Survivor
by M. Jay Dixit

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