By Michelle Kinder

I clear my vessel daily so that the base note of what I’m here to do cuts through all the treble in me and in the world.

I fearlessly welcome what comes through that clear vessel – especially the unexpected.

I invite childlike joy in myself and others.

I befriend stillness. Release. Surrender. Relax. Breathe. I say no. I say yes.

I spend my political capital – grounded in abundance, safety and goodwill.

I elevate, amplify and learn from voices that need to be heard.

I add my verse to the powerful play – never from ego, always from spirit.

Michelle Kinder writes “to make sense of my experience and to play where my growth and my courage intersect.” Her writing has appeared in outlets including TIME, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Vita Brevis, and The Huffington Post.

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